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To check the security settings on your computer when using Internet Explorer please follow these steps:
From the "Tools" menu select "Internet Options" and in the "Internet Options" window check the security settings for different zones under the "Security" tab, as shown in the picture on the left.

Cookies have to be enabled while viewing our web site. Additional options require scripts to be enabled as well. The problems with viewing our web site may be resolved by adding our web site to trusted zone. To add the web site to trusted sites select "Trusted sites" icon and then click the "sites" button. The window shown on the right will appear on the screen. Type the address of the web site as shown on the right picture, and click the "Add" button (make sure that the check box that requires server verification is unchecked). In most cases this will be enough to solve problems.

To display page correctly when viewing our web site with Netscape Browser 8.0.1 please select "Rendering Engine" from the "View" menu and then select "Display Page Like Internet Explorer". To check or adjust security settings select "Options" from the "Tools" menu and then use "Site Controls" tab (fourth tab from the top on the left side of the picture). Additional options for managing cookies are contained under the "Privacy" Tabs, if You click on the + sign next to the "Cookies" option, as shown on the picture.